Veterans Affairs Approval

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“Got our VA contract approved finally!! Should be active and ready in about a week!!”


That’s how the conversation started, but, the arduous process started months prior.


It was the morning of April 21st and I had just received a text message from our office manager Stacie Shay, on Administrative Professionals Day no less. After months of trying to become an in-network provider with the Department of Veterans Affairs (the VA), our confirmation had finally come through.


Stacie started work on this nearly six months ago and would likely admit to you it’s been more than frustrating at times. But, no matter how frustrating it may be, we at Estes Park Physical Therapy all believe that providing quality care for our Veterans is a necessity. It’s the least we can do to show our thanks and appreciation for their service and sacrifice.


Stacie has played an invaluable role during our six months of operation at EPPT. Her compassion for our patients only drives her to provide better services. To date, she has managed, either wholly or in-part, to onboard dozens of insurance companies to allow EPPT the ability to help more people.


Stacie is a kind, caring and warmhearted person that helps make EPPT feel like home every time you walk in the door. Her smile is welcoming and calming at the same time. She is helpful and hardworking. We’re fortunate to have her as part of our team, our family!


If you have questions about Estes Park Physical Therapy or are considering physical therapy treatment in the future, feel free to contact Stacie at 970-236-2535. EPPT offers free 15-minute consultations to help decide if PT is appropriate for you.



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